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Quibi, dogs, and AI christmas carols Greetings from our west coast office in Joshua Tree, where social media manager Charles the Dog is making a bid to become a Yeti brand ambassador:  Things have been busy at LHCHQ: we’re supporting a major conference for a healthcare tech organization, helping two Harvard professors launch a new book on artificial intelligence, and dropping our debut […]

TikTok, REARC, and villainous dogs

Greetings from the wintry streets of NYC, where the unlucky among us are bundled up against the elements, but our social media manager Charles the Dog is somehow on a “business trip” in LA: On to the #content!   Does your brand belong on TikTok? A teen shoots off a playground swing into a pair of drop-crotch sweatpants his buddies […]

Selfies, gum burgers, and Foot Locker

Greetings from everywhere but Greenpoint, since most of our team is OOO, and have abandoned our realm of seltzer, artisanal pickles, and caffeine-infused beef jerky for more adventurous foodie pursuits. Those of us who are in the office are taking advantage of the excess space by spreading out over multiple desks and playing music as […]

Moscow, Google, and August vacations

Greetings from Greenpoint and Moscow, where we’re only eating food that is certifiably Instagram-worthy: Headquarters are sparse these days as quite a few of us are gallivanting around other parts of the country and the world, but such is the beauty of the remote work economy. It does mean that some of us have to […]

Suits, world records, and beer tea

Greetings from Moscow, Joshua Tree, Edmonton, and the ever-expanding list of places we are instead of the office. Those of us in Greenpoint are astral projecting to Canada to the tune of all 180 Rush songs, ranked. When not adding to our playlists, we’re slowly embarking on the process of updating our website – which […]

Podcasts, retrograde, and hot gadgets

Greetings from North Brooklyn, where it may be hot but gadgets are hotter! We’re taking cues from this Monica Lewinsky cover of Yahoo Internet life by popping our collars and trying to find the secrets of the portable Web… Here at LHCHQ things continue as per usual as we do our best to survive the […]

Distribution, soccer, and Jim Beam

Greetings from Greenpoint, where we’re celebrating the US Womens’ World Cup win and fending off the elements at gunpoint in our cool new kicks: All is groovy here at the office, where we’re currently planning our inaugural team offsite, full of sappy team bonding activities and important branding discussions. Also, we now have sweatshirts with […]

Cat filters, Hilton, and eternity management

Greetings from North Brooklyn, where our office air conditioning has us buying space heaters despite the fact that it’s the middle of June and it’s messing up our productivity.  We have a full house this week at HQ! Some of our out-of-town team members are here, and Charles is excited about the new humans who might […]

Puppies, Bushwick Bill, and Instagram

Greetings from Greenpoint, where we’re having puppy problems:  Here at HQ, our employees are doing things like having Casper mattresses delivered to the office and then figuring out how to keep other employees (and dogs) from taking naps on them. We’ve also made significant upgrades to our office greenery situation, much to the chagrin of […]

Sports Illustrated, grandmas, and Mt. Everest

Greetings from Greenpoint, where our grandmothers are getting way too good at technology. Here at the HQ, work is hardly slowing down despite the fact we can now open our office windows. Charles got his summer haircut and had to stay home because he’s feeling self conscious, but we’ve reassured him it’ll look perfect in […]