Selfies, gum burgers, and Foot Locker.

Greetings from everywhere but Greenpoint, since most of our team is OOO, and have abandoned our realm of seltzer, artisanal pickles, and caffeine-infused beef jerky for more adventurous foodie pursuits.

Those of us who are in the office are taking advantage of the excess space by spreading out over multiple desks and playing music as loud as we like. We've also embarked on a few more exciting client projects, including a fantasy-football based social calendar.

On to the #content:

But first, let me take a selfie

A pretty magical internet moment happened this week when a man named Ben Yahr tweeted a video of a woman serving some major lewks while taking selfies on an NYC subway. The woman, Jessica George, tweeted the very selfies she took on said subway excursion and the Twitterverse lost its damn mind when people started connecting the two.

As with most things that obtain any amount of virality on the internet, commentators had some Opinions. There were selfie shamers, consent trollers (concerned about whether she had consented a stranger posting a video of her), and a majority of spectators who were simply amused, both by Jess’s unabashed public selfie confidence and the fact that the internet got to share in it.

Selfies are ubiquitous, but the way we perceive them is largely driven by our biases--which in turn go a long way towards determining which social platform we feel most comfortable on. Twitter, which is mostly text-based, tends to be snarkier, and more dismissive of selfies; Instagram seems to have an unspoken rule of “comment something nice or don’t comment at all.” Selfies have not really come to Linkedin yet, and that’s probably for the best.

Overall, body positivity and confidence empowerment movements (especially towards women) have emphasized celebrating those moments when you’re feeling yourself and just have to let the world know about it. And while people of a certain age, and on certain platforms might find it a self-aggrandizing, it’s certainly not going anywhere. And when it brings the people of the internet together like this, hey -- we’re here for it.