Everlane, KFC, and Lionel Pimpin.

Greetings from North Brooklyn where it’s measles szn:

Luckily, we're told that dogs cannot get measles so that's a major relief for at least one member of our team.

While we’re not dodging symptomatic Hasidic kids, our hard work continues apace here at LHC's global HQ. We celebrated a record Q1 with a happy hour last week, and while we didn't actually make it to karaoke (next quarter!), we did get to learn everyone’s go-to jams which run the gamut from Rosanna by Toto, to Surrender by Cheap Trick, to TLC’s No Scrubs. If you ever want to ‘yoke with us, tweet at us @lhchq or really just show up at our office anytime, including mornings because we are about that life. 

On to the #content: 

Print print print print print! 

Those of us that know us well know we've been banging the drum for print content since before we even had our LLC papers filed. But of late we've seen some very trendy brands that are getting on our page (pun intended). 

A few weeks ago, Bumble launched a print magazine in partnership with Hearst, and just last week Netflix announced that it too is moving into print, with a publication aimed at Hollywood movers and shakers and scheduled for a June release. It's almost as if they were paying attention to us when we wrote that:

"For brands looking to reach senior executives, or just trying stand out, print is increasingly seen as a significant differentiator."

When trying to sell anyone on anything, it turns out that physical objects are wonderfully influential, especially amongst exec types who tend to be older and less digitally inclined. In a world that's now inundated with digital content of every size shape and form—in which each and every brand is pumping out blog posts, tweets, instagram posts, webinars, sponsored Snaps, and dozens more formats we haven't even thought up yet—we've reached a tipping point. Humans can only consume so much content, and sometimes it's nice to enjoy something that doesn't just disappear into your feed.