Facebook, Herman Miller, and the Silver Jews walk into a bar.

News from HQ
Hello and welcome back to everyone except Kunal, who was (somewhat miraculously) our only unsubscribe from last week. It's cool, we're still friends though.  We'd also like to give a warm welcome to our new email marketing manager, Charlie: 

He's a whiz with Mailchimp, works for treats, and best of all he's got a fantastic Instagram which we encourage everyone to follow: @charlesthedog

With all that out of the way, on to the #content! 

Brand of the week

Anyone who's interested in seeing what great content marketing looks like in the wild is advised to check out Herman Miller's digital magazine, Why. It's a beautifully written look into the world of creativity and design, featuring great interviews, photo essays, podcasts, and high-quality video. The self-promotional stuff fits seamlessly in with the rest of the stories, and everything they do is not only entertaining but has useful takeaways too. It's a perfect example of how branded content, when done with craft and ambition, can be every bit as good as traditional editorial. 

Some stuff we're reading

Our homies at Contently have an excellent piece on how NOT to do calendar-themed content (hint, maybe think twice about about the April Fools-themed post next year). 

NewsWhip is out with an absolutely essential guide to navigating Facebook's algorithm changes. It's a must-read for anyone who works in digital media (and we're not just saying that because they're a client). 

In other client news, our friends at Robin Powered launched a very cool new feature that allows you to see live maps of your office, and find available space accordingly. Our office is currently about the size of a really fancy closet, so we don't quite need a solution like this yet -- but one can dream. 

Our favorite NYT editor (and LHC's live-in feminist) Jessica Bennett wrote about how NFL cheerleaders are subject to the most absurd rules imaginable while also being paid almost as little as we pay Charlie. Second-greatest all-time NBA center (behind Joel Embiid) Kareem Abdul-Jabbar also has a great essay on the topic. 

And finally, shouts to the man, the legend, Henry Bruce for getting promoted to lead marketing at Contently. As shareholders, we couldn't be more thrilled.