Liquid death, Twitter, and thoughts of sauce.

Greetings from north Brooklyn, where it's springtime, and our thoughts have naturally turned to sauce:

Other than all of the sauce we’re making, we’ve had an exciting week. We moved offices (after just painting the floor in our old one, we know, we know) -- but the new one has a mini park view and brand new flowers. Our mini fridge and succulents came with, obvi.

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On to the #content: 

It's time to re-think the word "content"
Remember how we retired the word “digital” when it started to encompass too many ideas? The time has come to do the same with “content.” Every brand--heck every person--creates content or engages in content marketing in some way these days. And hey, we think that’s a great thing, but like “digital,” it’s become unclear what “content” even means anymore. It’s time to stop throwing “content” around when you want to sound impressive and get specific.

As Tara Marsh puts it, when most brands look for content, what they really want is experience. Experience -- the melding of the service, product, and messaging of a brand -- is what consumers really look for. And the content they want is marketing that proves and reassures them of your experience. 

Can we expect to see more jobs with “experience” in the title, the way LinkedIn and Indeed are currently flooded with “content” openings? Possibly. Let’s try not to oversaturate that one in the lexicon, too.