Good news for people who like content news.

In our diseased day and age, it’s hard not to side-eye any reports that claim to know the future of marketing. As we explored last week, marketers should expect the unexpected into 2021, even as they do their best to nail down spending and strategy plans.

But one thing seems clear beyond a shadow of the doubt: content marketing is on the rise. 

There’s plenty of hard data to back that up, but you won’t find a more convincing breakdown than this newGrowth and Opportunities in Content Marketing report from the ANA. Using data from 126 senior-level marketers across North America, the study shows a major increase in average content marketing spend — up 73 percent from two years ago, with an expected 42 percent increase two years from now.

Why? A recent Contently article sums it up pretty well: “content is everything now.” If your business wants to  engage customers over time—that is, through and past the downturns of Covid Time—high-quality content marketing is the most effective (not to mention the most cost-effective) way of doing so.