Geminis, baby names, and emperors.

Greetings from Greenpoint, where the Game of Thrones fever is almost as contagious as the measles (too soon?), and we’re finding out what our names would be if we were born today.

We have some new faces in the office! Matthew Rothenberg and Kenzo Nakawatase are here to fill out our writing team, but you can call them Kaden and Brayson. Besides expanding both our clients and employees, we’re fully leaning into the startup life by taking part in our office alt-energy drink and wine tastings. And hey, if you have any cool friends named, say, Nebula or Zoie, you should totally tell them to subscribe to this newsletter.

On to the #content: 

The job of the future

According to Axios, the job of the future is the editor-in-chief. And before you start spouting statistics about media dying, they’re actually onto something.

From Netflix to Bumble to Airbnb, brands across the board are getting back into the print magazine game. It makes sense: In a highly saturated digital content world, a lot of execs and consumers alike like to have a sleek magazine they can hold and stack on their desk or coffee table. Plenty of other brands are creating podcasts, talk shows, and even books. The trends have spoken, and longform content is here to say. This content, of course, needs to be edited. 

It makes sense that, according to LinkedIn data, the number of people that work in content or editorial roles in non-media companies has risen 32% in the last decade. And the fact is, every company is a media company on some level at this point. Everyone is creating content, and since every platform is full of it, only the best content actually rises above the fray.