Local celebrity canine.

Hello from NYC, where we're wondering, as always, qu'est ce que c'est:

When we're not busy creating burner accounts to tweet in defense of our fashion choices and hiring tailors to increase the size of our shirt collars, we're heads down on a secret project that will TOTALLY revolutionize content marketing (or possibly just be a really useful tool for our peers). You'll hear more about in the next couple of weeks. 

We're also welcoming our new intern Lucas Capone, who despite being from New Jersey is far more talented than anyone else at LHC, and has far better music taste to boot.  

And we'd be remiss if we didn't mention that our social media manager @charlesthedog is a now a LOCAL TV CELEBRITY!! Click to watch the whole video; it involves motorcycles, dogs, coffee, and a guest appearance from one of LHC's less-important employees. 

With that, here's whats on our mind: 

Email is cool again
We've known the supremely talented Hamish Mackenzie for some time now, ever since, while writing for Pando, he gave our nascent startup way more credit than it ever deserved. We've followed his career closely since -- he spent time at Tesla (where he wrote a book), then Kik, and finally to his own startup, Substack.

The idea behind Substack is simple: tools to help individual creators create and monetize email newsletters. But it heralds what we see as a shift in how people consume content--away from the scale-driven genericism of big media, and towards something that's more personalized and tailored to niche audiences. And while Substack is built for individuals, the trends its surfing apply to brands as well. In a media landscape where the big players have unimaginable scale and pricing power, using email to reach your audience at their most captive is a tactic that's only increasing in value. For too long brands have treated their email lists as a dumping ground for discounts, upsells, and terms of service updates--and not as a powerful strategic channel. Sometimes the hot new thing has been there all along. 

Even more great content

1) The typically excellent Intercom has a nice rundown of the top marketing statistics of 2018 (even though some of them are admittedly older) - aka a one-stop library of eye-catching numbers to fill up space in your respective pitches, presentations, and sales decks. A couple we like: content marketing is 3x more effective than traditional marketing, and native ad spend is projected to reach $21 billion by 2019. 

2) We know we mentioned Robin last week, but they keep doing awesome stuff that we feel obligated to keep pimping out. This week it's the full version of their 2018 State of the Office report, which is a must-read if you work in an office (and want said office to be dope). 

3) Our brilliant and handsome landlord (and also friend) Kyle Monson is, according to no less an outlet than The Today Show, an authority on karaoke. Says Kyle: "Look for a big chorus with harmonies, and a call-and-response from the audience. Avoid torch ballads, sad country tunes, and rap. And let someone else sing 'Summer of '69 and 'Total Eclipse of the Heart -- you're better than that." Fucking right we are. 

Now if only he would get some more toner for the printer and refill the Animal Cracker jar. 

4) For what it's worth here at LHCHQ we're not above keeping a list of our own karaoke go-to's on our person at all times and so its easy to tell you that we're partial to:

Free Fallin' - Tom Petty
Jumper - 3rd Eye Blind
Even Flow - Pearl Jam
Down in a Hole - Alice in Chains
Rosanna - Toto
It's a Shame About Ray - Lemonheads

(We fully acknowledge that maybe people will not want to karaoke with us ever and also if you want to send angry emails about this list that's fine too.)

5) This email is a day late because we were too busy playing Normal Collars, an amazing and absurd game concocted by some Process-trusting 76ers fan, wherein you try to dodge falling collars and also disembodied Sam Hinkie heads and Woj bombs in order to earn more Twitter followers and burner accounts. Totally normal. No need to find a new slant here. 

Oh and apparently everyone loved our Winona Ryder gif of the week (especially Matt), so here's another one: