Meet Lighthouse Creative – a content-first agency.

Today’s marketing is defined by the increasing amount of content colliding with our limited human ability to consume it.

And yet, even as branded content has exploded, content itself has become harder to define. Is it longform service journalism like American Express Open Forum? Is it millennial-flavored social media fluency like Moon Pie’s Twitter account? Is it high-end glossy print magazines like Contently Quarterly, or corporate storytelling like Facebook’s

The truth is, no one is really sure which is both a challenge and an opportunity. 

At the end of the day, no matter what form it takes, effective content needs to address the same core issue that brands have faced for a generation: getting people to pay attention to what they have to say.

Thanks all the digital noise in the #content universe, that's becoming ever more difficult to do. But the solution is the same as its always been: great storytelling; unique content; and the savvy to make it all connect to the bottom line.

We are a group of experienced content creatorsstrategists, journalists, videographers, designers, developers, and morewho’ve spent our careers telling the kinds of stories that capture the world’s attention. We believe that for brands to succeed in the attention economy they do need to create contentbut that it has to be entertaining, informative, and respectful. And we have the expertise and the experience to help them get there.  

If you believe these things too, give us a holler. We're open for business.