Keystone delivers transformative ideas in strategy and economics to the world’s most influential companies. As a strategy and economics consulting firm, they take on some of the most pressing challenges in technology, economics, and business. To deliver their transformative ideas, they carefully nurture a culture that emphasizes smart risk-taking, genuine insight and a structured way of thinking.

The Opportunity
Keystone partnered with LHC to create marketing assets and strategy in preparation of launching a book written by one of its founders,“Competing in the Age of AI.”

Creative Insight
Using Audience Development Strategy, we identified the target audience as top level executives at Fortune 100 companies and Top 200 law firms and tailored a go-to-market strategy which would resonate with them.

In preparation for the launch, we created content and developed marketing systems on which to launch the content. We built a website, created newsletter content, and produced video and design assets. To launch these, we executed marketing campaigns informed by audience development strategy across email lists and marketing development systems.

  • Created their website
  • Made promotional video
  • Created design assets
  • Collected email list
  • Overall systems integrations
  • Wrote newsletter content