“Ceros is a cloud-based design platform that allows marketers
and designers to create immersive content without writing a single line of code.” The blog, Ceros Inspire, aims to produce insightful content on the intersection of marketing and design.

The Opportunity
Though Ceros had a blog before their partnership with LHC, its content was unfocused and sporadic. The inconsistent blog posts and unfocused content distribution did not reflect the otherwise high standards of their platform.

Creative Insight
We identified the audience as marketing- oriented designers, design-oriented marketers, and team leaders interested in the capabilities of the Ceros product. By tailoring our content to best serve their marketing and design needs, we provide interesting, relevant content while increasing Ceros product exposure.

We developed an editorial calendar to generate a steady flow of content to the Ceros Inspire blog across topics aligned to reader interests. Each post was designed to fit one of two formats:

  • Staple Content: The essentials. We write across five themes: essentials/ basics. Tactical, or practical—but not rigidly so. We write across five themes: How-tos, Customer Stories, Inspiration, Connections, and Design@Work.
  • Hero Content: A deeper dive into notable, inspiring stories related to audience interests. These can be one-offs or broken up into multiple installments.

Streamlining and populating Ceros Inspire has increased brand recognition within the target audience, successfully establishing Ceros as a thought leader and go-to resource for marketers, designers, and CMOs.

  • Since Launching Inspire
  • Between LHC & Ceros
  • Organic Views
  • Compared to 2019
  • Pitching, writing and publishing quality blog posts
  • Executing the editorial calendar