Your favorite agency’s favorite agency

We’re back and better (looking) than ever. Greetings from the internet, where this newsletter is back in your inbox after a short hiatus. You may notice things look a bit different around here. Well, just wait’ll you check out our new website. Yup, that’s right: LHC is doing the whole redesign thing.  Here’s the deal — […]

Googlegängers, galaxies & GameStop

Greetings from us and our “googlegängers” — an outstanding group of chefs, amateur rappers, dirigible pilots, and comic book characters who are ahead of us in the search rankings. Special shouts to Lighthouse Creative Inc, Lighthouse Creative Works, and the Lighthouse Christian Center in Joshua Tree. When we’re not trying to out-SEO everyone with our names, some of […]

New year, new oysters

Greetings from 2021 where we’re not checking the news and ringing in the New Year with lots of Pappy, lots of child/dog care (sometimes at the same time), , and fond reminiscences from our tristate employees about eating oysters in the subbasement of the grimiest train station in America (now relocated to the grimiest parking garage in America). … onto […]

Bourbon, bodegas & back to basics

Greetings from the last newsletter of 2020! The year is winding down, we’re brushing up on our trivia for our Zoom holiday party and gearing up to play pseudo-Santa to our teammates and clients. It’s been a crazy year but we’re proud of the work we’ve done, the people on our team, and finally convincing John […]

Guts, gourds & Gritty

Greetings from Decorative Gourd Szn where almost everyone is engaging in some kind of home makeover. From elaborate halloween costumes, to stadium seating inspired living rooms, to carefully placed gourds, succulents, and puppies, our collective Zoom background game is leveling up. We’re also celebrating our new president: Gritty. On to the #content: No guts, no glory From […]

Cran-raspberry, commutes, and classic rock

Greetings from Zoom, Slack, and the Cloud, where we’re working on covert snack operations and demanding more mind blowing guitar solos. RIP US patent holder Eddie Van Halen, this one’s for you. The Inimitable and Unpredictable World of Viral Content Brands and marketers are constantly trying to replicate the kind of mystical alchemy that makes a great meme. […]

Disrupting the disruptors

Disruptors, Dreams, and The Dew Doo Man Greetings from Zoom, where we recently welcomed a very adorable new addition to the LHC team. Charlie‘s people were not available for comment.Anyway, onto the #content. The Soul-Crushing Monotony of Late Capitalism, Part XVII Have you bought a consumer product lately? Have you noticed how your toothbrush, your […]

Old school, new school

Greetings from the apocalypse where we’re staying sane by pondering the return of analog. Will landlines eventually make a comeback? Who put this TV on the street and should we take it? All the Big Questions. On to the #content. Impressions vs Actions Impressions are everything. At least that’s what we all thought for the first […]

Comfort food

In past newsletters, we’ve spent time theorizing about the mind of the COVID-19-era consumer, and cataloguing strategies marketers can use to relate to them without feeling craven or thirsty. People are in need of comfort, assurance, and often, direct advice about how to deal with the issues they are encountering in our worldwide dystopia. But […]

Good news for people who like content news

In our diseased day and age, it’s hard not to side-eye any reports that claim to know the future of marketing. As we explored last week, marketers should expect the unexpected into 2021, even as they do their best to nail down spending and strategy plans. But one thing seems clear beyond a shadow of the doubt: […]