Account Director.

About The Job

The Account Director is a senior member of the team responsible for maintaining relationships with approximately 5-10 clients a $2M in revenue. The key to the job is interfacing with clients, and using your expertise to make sure our work is aligned with their strategy and meets their expectations, whatever those may be. This means you’ll need a deep understanding of their business, audience, competitors, strategic direction and more (not to mention specific business objectives and the objectives/politics/desires of our contacts on the client side. Basically you need to understand their business as well as they do, and use that knowledge to find creative ways to keep internal and external stakeholders happy.

You’ll also be responsible for successful delivery of scoped assets, ensuring deliverables are on time, high-quality, and adhere to the objectives in the project scope.


  • Typically responsible for client portfolio in the range of $2-3 million in revenue.
  • Act as lead client contact, maintaining day-to-day relationship and ensuring clients clearly understand the status of their work with LHC.
  • Drive client expansion and upsell through thought leadership, client expertise, and consistent delivery of good work.
  • Focus on ongoing client mapping process to deepen client trust and broaden the agency’s purview/ stature within the client organization.
  • Work with internal team members to provide creative deliverables that meet goals & objectives.
  • Lead efforts to retain clients including identifying needs, creating future plans, and obtaining signed documentation as needed.
  • Investigate and assuage client concerns related to agency and work to resolve them with the appropriate cross-functional leads.
  • Identify and mitigate organizational or business roadblocks on client side running counter to LHC interests.

A few things about how we work at LHC

  • Work hard, but not dumb.
  • We’re a chill group but we’re in a services business and we should treat it as such - that means responsiveness, respect, professionalism, polish, thoughtfulness etc.
  • We respect our clients’ essential humanity even when they seem inhuman (and we try to understand their challenges and what they want to accomplish).
  • We value your personal life, and we really will try not to bug you with requests on off hours. That means Fridays.
  • That said, clients gonna client, so in some cases there will be exceptions.
  • We respect each other’s time / no pointless meetings (30 mins max).
  • We DO expect responsiveness to questions -- keep Slack on your phone. No one will ask you to do work on the weekend, but we may have questions we need your help answering.
  • Ask for forgiveness not permission; trust your instincts.
  • No questions are bad questions; very few ideas are bad ideas.
  • If you’re swamped and there are too many things for you to do, let us know, don’t suffer stoically, and don’t work hella late because you have too much on your plate.
  • This is YOUR company, so speak up.
  • We love it if you have outside interests and we support your pursuit of them.